MIT Working Papers in Linguistics #42

Phonological Answers (and Their Corresponding Questions)

ed. A. Csirmaz, Z. Li, A. Nevins, O. Vaysman, and M. Wagner, 2002

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Teal Bissell
‘Avoidance of the Marked’ in Miya Pluractional Allomorphy
Claire Bowern
Constraint Interplay in Bardi (Australian)
David Gow and Cheryl Zoll
The Role of Feature Parsing in Speech Processing and Phonology
Morris Halle and Ora Matushansky
Assimilation in Russian – An Overview
James Harris
Flaps, Trills, and Syllable Structure in Spanish
Franny Hsiao
Tonal Domains Are Stress Domains in Taiwanese – Evidence from Focus
Michael Kenstowicz
Paradigmatic Uniformity and Contrast
Ji-yung Kim
A Feature-Analysis of Ablaut
Zhiqiang Li
Focus, Phrasing and Tonal Alignment in Chaha
Ora Matushansky
On Formal Identity of Russian Prefixes and Prepositions
Lance Nathan
Constraint Conjunction and OTP
Filomena Sandalo and Hubert Truckenbrodt
Some Notes on Phonological Phrasing in Brazilian Portuguese
Shigeko Shinohara
Metrical Constraints and Word Identity in Japanese Compound Nouns
Abderrezzak Tourabi
Arabic Subject-Verb Agreement Affixes: Morphology, Specification and Spell-Out
Michael Wagner
The Role of Prosody in Laryngeal Neutralization
Cheryl Zoll
Clash-Driven Tone Mapping