Chomsky's Linguistics

Special edition collected works of Noam ChomskyEditors: Peter Graff, Coppe van Urk (2012)

Hardcover: 720 pages (black and white), blue cloth cover, with full color dust jacket, ISBN-10: 0615567126, ISBN-13: 978-0615567129

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Published I commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the MIT graduate program in linguistics, Chomsky's Linguistics chronicles some of the most important research in generative linguistics by one of the field’s most influential scholars. This special volume collects in one place Noam's Chomsky most influential papers on linguistic theory from the seminal investigation of the relationship between syntax and the lexicon in "Remarks on Nominalization" (1970) to recent work on syntactic derivation in "On Phases" (2006). Chomsky's Linguistics includes eleven papers: Remarks on Nominalization, Filters and Control, A Remark on Contraction, On Binding, A Minimalist Program for Linguistic Theory, Bare Phrase Structure, Minimalist Inquiries: The Framework, Derivation by Phase, Beyond Explanatory Adequacy, Three Factors in Language Design, On Phases. The book comes with a new foreword by Noam Chomsky and a foreword by Howard Lasnik. It is is around 700 pages, cloth-bound hardcover, with a glossy jacket.

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