MIT Working Papers in Linguistics #80

A Pesky Set: Papers for David Pesetsky

Claire Halpert, Hadas Kotek and Coppe van Urk, 2017

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As David Pesetsky turns 60, the contributions he has made to the field of linguistics are substantial. This volume celebrates his career, and in particular, the profound impact David has had as a teacher and mentor to over three decades of linguistics. The 60 submissions in this volume cover a wide range of syntax and syntax/ semantics topics, but you will also find work on prosody, music, and even phonology. The papers in this volume employ diverse methodologies---including acquisition, computational, and experimental techniques---and focus on a rich and diverse set of languages--- including Mayan, Bantu, sign languages, Piraha, and, of course, Slavic. Viewed as a collection, these 60 papers make a powerful statement about David's breadth and impact as an advisor.