MIT Working Papers in Linguistics #71

The Art and Craft of Semantics Vol 2

Luka Crnic and Uli Sauerland, 2014

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Table of Contents

Toshiyuki Ogihara

The Semantics of -ta in Japanese Future Conditionals.

Orin Percus

What Concealed Questions Might Conceal.

Maribel Romero

'Fake Tense' in Counterfactuals: A Temporal Remoteness Approach.

Uli Sauerland

Counterparts Block some De Re Readings.

Philippe Schlenker

Featural Variables.

Yael Sharvit

Sneaky Derivations Sneak Rule-I In: A Reply to Heim's "Forks in the Road to Rule I."

Junri Shimada

Entailments and Implicatures of Cumulative Sentences.

Raj Singh

A Note on Local Accommodation.

Yasutada Sudo

Presupposition Satisfaction in Attitude Contexts and Modal Subordination.

Guillaume Thomas

Reference to Degrees and Nominalization in MbyĆ”.

Tue Trinh

How to Ask the Obvious: A Presuppositional Account of Evidential Bias in English yes/no Questions.

Wataru Uegaki

Cross-Linguistic Variation in the Derivation of Alternative Questions: Japanese and Beyond.

Natalie Weber and Lisa Matthewson

Reflections of Complement Type: The View from Blackfoot.