MIT Working Papers in Linguistics #34

Papers on Morphology and Syntax, Cycle Two

ed. V. Lin, C. Krause, B. Bruening, and K. Arregi, 1999

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Tomoyuki Yoshida
LF Subjacency Effects Revisited
Thomas Roeper
Leftward Movement in Morphology
Norvin Richards
Dependency Formation and Directionality of Tree Construction
Andrea Rackowski
Morphological Optionality in Tagalog Aspectual Reduplication
Lynn Nichols
The Role of Tense in Extending Minimal Domains
Jon Nissenbaum
Words as 'Phases': Evidence from English Stress
Daniel Harbour
Two Types of Predicate Clefts: Classical Hebrew and Beyond
Beatriz Fernández
On Split Ergativity: Evidence from Basque
Miriam Engelhardt
Nominalization and Control Theory
David Embick and Rolf Noyer
Locality in Post-Syntactic Operations
María Cristina Cuervo
Quirky But Not Eccentric: Dative Subjects in Spanish
Karlos Arregi
Person and Number Inflection in Basque