MIT Working Papers in Linguistics #27

Papers on Minimalist Syntax

ed. R. Pensalfini and H. Ura, 1995

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Scrambling and Anti-Superiority in Korean
Judy Yoo-Kyung Baek
In Terms of Merge: Copy and Head Movement
Jonathan David Bobalijk
Toward a Theory of Optimal Derivation
Chris Collins
Condition C Effects in ACD
Danny Fox
Case Dependency and the Japanese Causative
Heidi Harley
A Note on Pseudogapping
Howard Lasnik
Fission as Feature-Movement
Martha McGinnis
Fewest Steps and Island Sensitivity
Toshifusa Oka
Malagasy Phrase Structure and the LCA
Robert Pensalfini
Early Features
Uli Sauerland
Towards a Theory of "Strictly Derivational" Economy Condition
Hiroyuki Ura
Conceptual Basis of Cyclicity
Akira Watanabe