MIT Working Papers in Linguistics #26

Papers on Language Processing and Acquisition

ed. C. Sch├╝tze, J. Ganger, and K. Broihier, 1995

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Processing Overload in Japanese
Maria Babyonyshev and Edward Gibson
Right Association in Parsing and Grammar
Colin Phillips
PP Attachment and Argumenthood
Carson T. Schütze
Brain Mechanisms of Speech perception: A Preliminary Report
Colin Phillips, Alec Marantz, Martha McGinnis, David Pesetsky, Ken Wexler, Elron Yellin, David Poeppel, Tim Roberts and Howard Rowley
Children's Acquisition of Control in Temporal Adjuncts
Kevin Broihier and Ken Wexler
Null Subjects in Wh-Questions
Hilary Sara Bromberg and Kenneth Wexler
An Experimental Study of Children's Passive
Danny Fox, Yosef Grodzinsky and Stephen Crain
On the Acquisition of Verb Syntax in Child Faroese
Dianne Jonas
Tense and Subject Position in Interrogatives and Negatives in Child French: Evidence For and Against Truncated Structure
Gina-Anne Levow
Pronoun Case Errors, Both Syntactic and Morphological
Rob Pensalfini
Syntax at Age Two: Cross-Linguistic Differences
Colin Phillips
Optional Infinitives in Hebrew
Jaemin Rhee and Kenneth Wexler
Embedded V-to-C in Early Swiss German
Manuela Schönenberger
The Acquisition of Inflection in Spanish and Catalan
Vicenç Torrens
A horse raced to Logical Form: A Reanalysis of Certain Garden Path Phenomena
Orin Percus
Sortals, Count Nouns, and Physical Object: What Can Babies Tell Us about Natural Language Semantics?
Fei Xu