MIT Working Papers in Linguistics #22

The Morphology-Syntax Connection

ed. H. Harley and C. Phillips, 1994

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What does Adjacency do?
Jonathan Bobaljik
The Person-Case Constraint: A Morphological Approach
Eulàlia Bonet
Romance Inflectional Morphology In and Out of Syntax
Sarah Cummins & Yves Roberge
Middle, Ergative and Passive in English: A Minimalist Perspective
Koji Fujita
SpecAgrP and Case: Evidence from Georgian
Tracy Holloway King
When AgrO is Fused to AgrS: What Morphology can tell us about the Functional Categories
Erika Mitchell
A Constraint on the Feature Specificatio of AGR
Kumiko Murasugi
On BE and HAVE in Georgian
Lea Nash
The Subject Positions in Athapaskan Languages
Keren Rice & Leslie Saxon
On zero and alpha-underspecification in Syntax and Phonology
Johan Rooryck
Syntactic Activity and Inertness in West Greenlandic Derivational Morphology
Jerrold Sadock
On the Derivation of 'Have' Predication and its Implication for the Syntax of the Perfective in Breton
Robin Schafer
Korean Verbal Inflection and Checking Theory
James Yoon
Resultative V-V Compounds in Chinese
Ke Zou