MIT Working Papers in Linguistics #17

Proceedings of the Kwa Comparative Syntax Workshop

ed. C. Collins and V. Manfredi, 1992

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Focus Constructions in Ewe and Akan: A Comparative Perspective
Ameka, F.
Les Particules Modales En Fongbe Et La Nature De Infl Dans Les Phrases Injonctives
Avolonto, A.
Serial Verbs and Unaccusativity
Campbell, R.
Case in Ewe and Yoruba
Collins, C.
Semantic Restrictions on Serial Verb Constructions With 'Take' and 'Hold' in Fon
da Cruz, M.s.C.
Inflection in Igbo and Yoruba
Dechaine, R.-M.
The Syntax of Predicate Clefts
Dekydtspotter, L.
Proper Argument Projection in Igbo and Yoruba
Gruber, J.
Verb Compounding in Igbo: An Overview
Ihionu, P.
On Empty Operators in Serial Verb Constructions
Law, P. & Veenstra, T.
A Typology of Yoruba Nominalizations
Manfredi, V.
Null Object Constructions in Akan
Saah, K.