MIT Working Papers in Linguistics #14

Proceedings of the 3rd Student Conference in Linguistics (SCIL 3)

ed. J. D. Bobaljik and T. Bures, 1991

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Behaviour of Japanese Anaphoric Expressions in Sloppy Identity
Aikawa, T.
Karera They and Zibun Self A Generalized Theory of Phonological Timing
Ao, B.
The Tns/Agr Parameter and the Theory of pro
Armon-Lotem, S.
Nominal Enclitics in Romance
Bernstein, J.
Double Object Scrambling
den Dikken, M., & R. Mulder
Cayuga Syllable Structure and Epenthesis
Dyck, C.
Spanish Object Clitics as Verbal Agreement Morphemes
Franco, J.
Verbal and Adjectival Passives in German
Kathol, A.
Tense, Agreement, and Nominative Case in Japanese
Kawasaki, N.
An Indefinite Analysis of PROarb
Kim, B.
Binding in Gerunds and the Leftness Condition
Munn, A.
Economy in the Syllabification of West Greenlandic Eskimo
Murasugi, K. G.
The Mirror Principle Revisited: Verbal Morphology in Maung and Nunggubuyu
Noyer, R.
A Focus Position in ASL
Petronio, K.
French Clitic Case Alternations in a Parametric Theory of Dialectal Variation
Reed, K.
Mixed Headedness in American Sign Language: Evidence From Functional Categories
Romano, C.
Noun Raising and the Structure of the Noun Phrase
Siloni, T.
Results in Chinese: Resultatives To an Extent
Sybesma, R.