MIT Working Papers in Linguistics #4

Papers in Syntax

ed. A. Marantz and T. Stowell, 1982

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Expletive Pros
Aoun, Y.
On Deletion and on Local Control
Brody, M.
Move Wh in a Language Without Wh Movement
Huang, C. T. J.
Why English Reflexives Are Pronouns, Or Ingria Contra Helke
Ingria, R.
A Note on the History of the English Auxiliary
Lieber, R.
Infinitival Complements Are Not Created Equal: The Case of Verbeiten Vs. Versuchen
McCray, A. T.
Italian Prepositions Before Infinitives
Manzini, M. R.
Whither Move NP?
Marantz, A.
Grammatical Relations and Anaphora in Malayalam
Mohanan, K. P.
French Infinitival Complements
Rochette, A.
Non-Finite Complements in Russian
Schein, B.
Conditions on Reanalysis
Stowell, T.
Island Constraints, Subjacency, and ECP
Woolford, E.
On Virtual Categories
Zubizarreta, M.-L. & J.-R. Vergnaud