University of Connecticut Working Papers in Linguistics #9

Papers in Phonology

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Preface                                                                                                1

On Coronalization and Affrication in Palatalization Processes:

        An Inquiry into the Nature of a Sound Change

        Andrea Calabrese                                                                         1

Palatalizations in an Aphasic Patient: Theoretical Consequences of

        Phonological Disturbances in Aphasia                                             73

        Andrea Calabrese and Cristina Romani

A Minimalist Approach to Raddoppiamento Fonosintattico and

        Italian Stress

        Deborah Chen                                                                              105

On the Representation of Downstep: The Case of Krachi and


        Marcela Depiante                                                                        129

Nasal Substitution in a Constraint-Based Theory                                       

        Tien-Hsin Hsin                                                                            149

Sequential Voicing in Japanese: Some Implications of Optimality


        Masao Ochi                                                                                 177

An Interface-Driven Approach to Phonological Alternation       

        Satoshi Oku                                                                                 217

A Syllable Structure Analysis of Aspirates in Sanskrit

        Subashree Rangaswami                                                                241