MIT Working Papers in Linguistics #87

Proceedings of the 10th Workshop on Altaic Formal Linguistics (WAFL10)

Theodore Levin, Ryo Masuda, 2018

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I Invited Talks

Revisiting subject-object asymmetry: Subextraction in Japanese

Shin Fukuda, Chizuru Nakao, Akira Omaki, and Maria Polinsky

Event (de)composition and fake causativization

Ekaterina Lyutikova and Sergei Tatevosov

Argument ellipsis in child Japanese

Koji Sugisaki

II Talk Sessions

The Clause-Mate Condition and fragment answers in Korean

Suyoung Bae and Bum-Sik Park

Zibun-no eventive nominal and its binding phenomena in Japanese psych-causative verb constructions

Michiko Bando

CPs in North Azeri: New evidence for extraposition

Claire Halpert and Carter Griffith

Cross-linguistic variation of selectional property of ‘than’

Ryosuke Hattori

On the evidential restriction of subtriggering in Turkish

Chris I-Ta Hsieh

Korean intervention effects: What prosody tells us about syntax

Chorong Kang

The prospective marker in Turkish: A unified treatment

Greg Key and Sylvia L.R. Schreiner

An EPP-movement theory of control: Evidence from Japanese passives

Theodore Levin

The complement types of attitudes and de se: Focusing on de se center shift in Korean

Dongsik Lim and Semoon Hoe

On the positions of nominative subject in Japanese: Evidence from Kumamoto dialect

Nobuaki Nishioka

Remarks on the Case-licensing of nominative objects in Japanese

Masashi Nomura

Nominative Genitive Conversion in (in)dependent clauses in Japanese

Masao Ochi and Asuka Saruwatari

Resumptive pronouns of degree in clausal yorimo (‘than’)-comparatives

Toshiko Oda

Some consequences of simplest Merge and Φ-defectiveness in Japanese

Yohei Oseki and Yoichi Miyamoto

Markedness and coda conditions in Azeri

Vahideh Rasekhi

A phasal approach to argument ellipsis in Japanese and its consequences

Yuta Sakamoto

On the ban on embedded nominative major subjects: Case, A-movement, and phases

Masahiko Takahashi

Two types of clefts in Japanese: Fronting vs. base-generating nominalized clauses

Kazue Takeda

III Poster Session

Tone and metrical structure in Seoul Korean

Sunghye Cho and Yong-Cheol Lee

Online comprehension of SOV and OSV sentences in Turkish with a supporting context

Baris Kahraman and Yuki Hirose

The demise of simu

Takashi Nakajima

Not all possessors in Turkish are anti-subject oriented

Deniz Özyildiz

Topic fronting and binding in Turkish ditransitive constructions

Bilge Palaz

Person agreement in the Denizli Dialect (DD) of Turkish

Yağmur Sağ

Nominalisation, coordination, and growth of semantic representation

Tohru Seraku

Resultative/progressive -te-i: The ingressive meaning of the perfective form and its implications in Japanese

Takeru Suzuki

Elliptical değil ‘not’ in Turkish

Ayşe Büşra Yakut