MIT Working Papers in Linguistics #75

Proceedings of MOSS 2: Moscow Syntax and Semantics 2011

Vadim Kimmelman, Natalia Korotkova, Igor Yanovich, 2014

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Table Of Contents
Clitic Left Dislocation as Agreement – The Movement Approach Revisited
Mikko Kupula Roos
Elliptical Comparatives Revisited
Gergely Kántor – Júlia Bácskai-Atkári
The Ménage À Trois of Measure Phrases, Comparatives, and Much-Support
Gergely Kántor
Imperfectivity: Capturing Variation Across Languages
Ana Arregui, María Luisa Rivero, Andrés Pablo Salanova
Counterfactual Antipresuppositions and Local Maximize Presupposition
Brian Leahy
‘En’ En Is Níet Wat We Dachten: A Flemish Discourse Particle
Anne Breitbarth And Liliane Haegeman
Prefix Pere- And Distributivity: Any Relation?
Eugenia Romanova
The Undefinedess of Conventional Implicatures
Mingya Liu
Continuation-Based Semantics for Modal Particles
Daniel Gutzmann