MIT Working Papers in Linguistics #70

The Art and Craft of Semantics Vol 1

Luka Crnic and Uli Sauerland, 2014

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Table of Contents

Luka Crnič and Uli Sauerland


Luka Crnič, David Pesetsky, and Uli Sauerland

Introduction: Irene Heim - Biographical Notes.

Dorit Abusch

Temporal Succession and Aspectual Type in Visual Narrative.

Calixto Ag├╝ero-Bautista

Weak Crossover is not a Semantic Phenomenon.

Sam Alxatib

The Comparative as Subsethood: How Degree-Referring Restrictors Fit In.

Pranav Anand and Valentine Hacquard

Factivity, Belief and Discourse.

Sigrid Beck

Plural Predication and Quantified Than-Clauses.

Luka Crnič Against a Dogma on NPI Licensing.

Marcelo Ferreira

Displaced Aspect in Counterfactuals: Towards a More Unified Theory of Imperfectivity.

Kai von Fintel, Danny Fox, and Sabine Iatridou

Definiteness as Maximal Informativeness.

Kai von Fintel and Angelika Kratzer

Modal Comparisons: Two Dilletantes in Search of an Expert.

Jon Gajewski and I-ta Chris Hsieh

Comments on Negative Polarity Items in Definite Descriptions.

Elena Guerzoni and Yael Sharvit

Whether or not Anything but not Whether Anything or Not.

Michela Ippolito and Julia Su

Counterfactuals, Negation, and Polarity.

Natalia Ivlieva

Multiplicity and Non-monotonic Environments.

Christopher Kennedy

Predicates and Formulas: Evidence from Ellipsis.

Youngjoo Lee

On the Meaning and Distribution of the Aspectual Focus Adverb Acik in Korean.