MIT Working Papers in Linguistics #53

The State of the Art in Speech Error Research

ed. C. Schütze and V. Ferreira, 2007

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Carson T. Schütze and Victor S. Ferreira
Cheap repairs: A Distributed Morphology toolkit for sentence construction
Roland Pfau
Cheap but not free: Commentary on Pfau ‘Cheap repairs’
Adam Albright
A typology of suprasegmental structure
Thomas Berg
Using slips to study phonotactic learning in the laboratory
Gary S. Dell and Jill A. Warker
Constraint interaction: A lingua franca for stochastic theories of language
Matthew Goldrick
Articulatory perspectives on errors
Marianne Pouplier
Gradience and asymmetries in phonological speech errors
Joseph Paul Stemberger
Walking the tightrope between cognition and articulation: The state of the art in the phonetics of speech errors
Stefan A. Frisch
A syntactic analysis of interference in subject–verb agreement
Julie Franck, Ulrich H. Frauenfelder and Luigi Rizzi
Pronoun production: Word or world knowledge?
L. Robert Slevc, Liane Wardlow Lane and Victor S. Ferreira
Case particle errors in Japanese: Is the nominative ga a default case marker in sentence production?
Noriko Iwasaki
Exchanging elicits: Stem-exchange errors and syntactic category shifts
Liane Wardlow Lane, L. Robert Slevc and Victor S. Ferreira
Alignment in syntactic blending
Elizabeth Coppock
Grammatical gender is everywhere, even on the tip of the mind: An investigation into retrieval failures
Belen Lopez Cutrin and Gabriella Vigliocco
Syllable, word, and phoneme frequency effects in Spanish phonological
speech errors: The David effect on the source of the error
Julio Santiago, Elvira Pérez, Alfonso Palma and Joseph Paul Stemberger
Aphasic errors in expressing location: Implications for production models
Lise Menn and Michael Gottfried
Sign Language: Typology vs. modality
Helen Leuninger, Annette Hohenberger and Eva Waleschkowski
Universals vs. language-specific factors in speech production planning: The effect of prosody and information structure
Jeri J. Jaeger
Comparing effect sizes in naturalistic speech error data with Dell’s a/b ratio: A methodological note
Joseph Paul Stemberger
What traditional speech error corpora can tell us (and what they can’t): How not to throw the baby out with the bathwater
Stefanie Shattuck-Hufnagel
What should we do with our speech error corpora? Notes from the panel discussion
Carson T. Schütze and Victor S. Ferreira
Speech error research: Comments on the state of the art
Merrill Garrett