MIT Working Papers in Linguistics #52

Studies in Loanword Phonology

ed. F. Hsieh and M. Kenstowicz, 2006

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High Infidelity: The Non-mapping of Japanese Accent onto Taiwanese Tone
Feng-fan Hsieh
Phonetic Knowledge in Tonal Adaptation: Standard Chinese and English Loanwords into Lhasa Tibetan
Fenh-fan Hsieh and Michael Kenstowicz
The Adaptation of Japanese Loanwords into Korean
Chiyuki Ito, Yoongjung Kang and Michael Kenstowicz
Loanword Adaptation in Japanese: Consonant Gemination of English Loanwords
Sachiko Kato
Salience and Similarity in Loanword adaptation: a Case Study from Fijian
Michael Kenstowicz
Topics in Palauan Loanword Phonology
Shoichi Takahashi
Grammatical Gender via Lexical Statistics: The Case of Arabic-to-Spanish Loanwords
Mary Ann Walter
Stress to Tone: a Study of Tone Loans in Mandarin Chinese
Hsiao-hung Iris Wu