MIT Working Papers in Linguistics #51

New Work on Modality

ed. J. Gajewski, V. Hacquard, B. Nickel, and S. Yalcin, 2005

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Bridget Copley
Ordering and Reasoning
Andy Egan
Epistemic Modals, Relativism, and Assertion
Kai von Fintel and Sabine Iatridou
Anatomy of a Modal
Bernard Nickel
On Semantics for Characterizing Sentences
Dilip Ninan
Two Puzzles about Deontic Necessity
Tamina Stephenson
Assessor Sensitivity: Epistemic Modals and Predicates of Personal Taste
Robert Stalnaker
Conditional Propositions and Conditional Assertion
Seth Yalcin
Epistemic Modals