MIT Working Papers in Linguistics #49

Perspectives on Phases

ed. M. McGinnis and N. Richards, 2005

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Table of Contents:

Phase Theory account of absolutive extraction in Tagalog

Edith Aldridge

Word-level phases: Evidence from Hebrew

Maya Arad

Split-DPs, generalized EPP and visibility

Alastair Butler and Eric Mathieu

The phase structure of tense

Jonny Butler

A phase-geometric approach to multiple marking system

Andrew Carnie

QR in the Theory of Phases

Carlo Cecchetto

Phases and autonomous features: A case of mixed agreement in European Portuguese

Joao Costa and Sandra Pereira

Towards a phase-based theory of sentential stress

Arsalan Kahnemuyipour

Phases and cyclic agreement

Julie Legate

Going through a phase

Ora MAtushansky

UTAH at Merge: Evidence from multiple applicatives

Martha McGinnis

On the EPP

Shigeru Miyagawa

Transparent parsing: Phases in sentence processing

Iris Mulders

On phases and cyclicity

Juvenal Ndayiragije

Derivations without the activity condition

Andrew Nevins

Phase edge and extraction: A Tagalog case study

Andrea Rackowski and Norvin Richards

Asymmetries in Prosodic Domain Formation

Michael Wagner