MIT Working Papers in Linguistics #48

Plato's Problem: Problems in Language Acquisition

ed. A. Csirmaz, A. Gualmini, and A. Nevins, 2004

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Seth Cable
The Optional Infinitive Stage in Afrikaans: Evidence for Phonologically Neutralized Rich Agreement
Aniko Csirmaz
Acquisition Patterns of Particle Constructions in Hungarian
Suzanne Flynn and Claire Foley
On the Developmental Primacy of Free Relatives
Sarah Hulsey, VAlentine Hacquard, Danny Fow and Andrea Gualmini
The Question-Answer Requirement and Scope Assignement
Nanako Machida, Shigeru Miyagawa and Kenneth Wexler
A-chain Maturation Reexamined: Why Japanese Children Perform Better on "FULL" Unaccusatives than on Passives
Andrew Nevins
Phonological Ambiguity (What UG can and can't do to help the reduplication learner)
Rebecca L. Norris
Acquisition of the T and C System in Clausal Complements
Kenneth Wexler
Theory of Phasal Development: Perfection in Child Grammar