MIT Working Papers in Linguistics #47

Romance, Op. 47: Collected Papers on Romance Syntax

ed. A. Castro, M. Ferreira, V. Hacquard, and A. P. Salanova, 2004

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Stephen Anderson
Subject Clitics and Verb­second in Surmiran Rumantsch
Teal Bissell
Italian Wide­focus Inversion, Intransitivity and Locality
João Costa
Subjects in Spec, vP: Locality and Agree
Marcelo Ferreira
Hyperraising and Null Subjects in Brazilian Portuguese
Raffaella Folli and Heidi Harley
On obligatory obligation: the composition of Italian causatives
Charlotte Galves and Filomena Sandalo
Clitic placement in Modern and Classical European Portuguese
Marta Luján
Determiners as Pronouns
M. Rita Manzini and Leonardo M. Savoia
The Nature of the Agreement Inflections of the Verb
Cristina Ximenes
Preposition Contraction in Coordinated Structures in Brazilian Portuguese