MIT Working Papers in Linguistics #45

Proceedings of the 11th Student Conference in Linguistics (SCIL 11)

ed. S. Smythe with S. McCartney and G. Coelho, 2003

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Ralph Blight
As Verbs and the Small Clause Hypothesis
Cedric Boeckx
Scope Trapping
Incheol Choi
A Lexicalist Approach to Korean Sentential Nominalization
Komlan Essowe Essizewa
Aspect of Kabye Tonal Phonology and Implications for the Correspondence Theory of Faithfulness
William Earl Griffin
On the Syntactic Distribution of Expletive There
Heli Harrikari
From Phonology to Morphology: A Synchronic Account of Dialectal Gemination in Finnish
K. David Harrison
Harmony and Underspecification
Mariana Lambova
Fronted wh-Phrases in Bulgarian Do Not Form a Constituent
Steven McCartney 
Ternarity Without Ternarity-Sensitive Constraints in Finnish
Nisha Merchant Goss and Amanda R. Doran
Voicing of Stops in Kabiye
Mizuki Miyashita
Weight Asymmetries in Tohono O'odham
Eunjin Oh
The Degree of Back Vowel Underspecification in Coronal Contexts: The Case of English French
Lynda C. Olman
Optimality Theory and Re-reading "The Garden of the Forking Paths"

Fabien Reniers and Sarah D. Kennelly
Resolution of the Distributive-Cumulative Interplay
Elena Rudnitskaya
Yes-No Li Questions in Russian: Interaction of Syntax and Phonology
Susan Smythe
Accounting for Verbal Argument Indexing in Cherokee
Gwangrak Son
The Contrastive Study of Monomorphemic Reflexives: Japanese Zibun and Korean Casin
David L. White
Labiovelar Palatalization in Greek
Alan C. L. Yu
Non-derived Environment Blocking in Tohono O'odham Stress Assignment: A Co-phonology Account