MIT Working Papers in Linguistics #44

Proceedings of the 8th Meeting of the Austronesian Formal Linguistics Association (AFLA 8)

ed. A. Rakowski and N. Richards, 2003

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Edith Aldridge
Wh-movement in Seediq and Tagalog
Paula Baird
A reanalysis of CV metathesis in Kwara'ae
Julia Bernd
Alignment of Possessors in the Kinaray-a NP
Claire Bowern
Grammatical reanalysis and verb serialization: the unusual case of Sivisa Titan
Mark Campana
The evolution of agreement in Palauan
Yayin Melody Chang
Nominalization in Tsou
Peter Cole, Gabriella Hermon, Kozue Inoha, and Yassir Tjung
A constraint on Wh in situ in Javanese
Peter Cole, Gabriella Hermon, Chonghyuck Kim, Chang-Yong Sim, and Yaping Tsai
Anaphoric expressions in Javanese
Thomas J. Conners
Indonesian passives, pronous, and agents
Paul de Lacy
Maxiaml words and the Maori passive
Daniel Finer
Phases and movement in Selayarese
Tien-Hsin Hsin
The mid vowel formation of Maga Rukai
Diane Massam
Fully internal case: surface ergativity can be profound
Yuko Otsuka
Split ergativity and the nature of pronouns in Tongan
Ileana Paul
On extraction asymmetries
Elizabeth Pearce
VP-raising versus V-raising in Maori
Matt Pearson
Evidence for clausal pied-piping in Malagasy long distance extraction
Maria Polinsky and Eric Potsdam
Backward control: evidence from Malagasy
Whitney Anne Potsdam
When the sum of the parts doesn't equal the whole: agrammatic comprehension of complex sentences in Indonesian
Phil Quick
Creaky voice as a phonetic manifestation of the glottal stop in Pendau
Joachim Sabel
Wh-questions and extractions asymmetries in Malagasy
Patricia Schneider-Zioga
The case of anti-agreement
Melenaite Taumoefolau
Stress in Tongan
Lisa Travis
Agents and causes in Malagasy and Tagalog
Wei-tien Dylan Tsai and Melody Yayin Chang
Two types of Wh-adverbials --a comparative perspective
Kai Zuraw
Vowel reduction in Palauan reduplicants