MIT Working Papers in Linguistics #30

PF: Papers at the Interface

ed. B. Bruening, Y. Kang, and M. McGinnis, 1997

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Prosodic Phrasing and Focus in Korean
Judy Baek
Phrasing and Focus in Northern Kyungsang Korean
Michael Kenstowicz and Hyang-Sook Sohn
Tone in Sukuma
Yoonjung Kang
A Note on Multiple Prominence and Tone Mapping
Cheryl Zoll
Contextual Metrical Invisibility in Mohawk and Passamaquoddy
Paul Hagstrom
Idan Landau
Stress in Kadiwéu and the Maximality Constraint
Filomena Sandulo
Phonetic Salience and Consonant Cluster Simplification
Marie-Hélène Coté
Default Accentuation and Foot Structure in Japanese: Analysis of Japanese Adaptations of French Words
Shigeko Shinohara
Abkhaz Mabkhaz: M-Reduplication in Abkhaz, Weightless Syllables, and Base-Reduplicant Correspondence
Benjamin Bruening
Jingulu Vowel Harmony: Syntax-Sensitive Phonology
Rob Pensalfini
The Prosodic Structure of Serbo-Croatian Function Words: An Argument for Tied Constraints
Carson T. Schütze
The Optimal Second Position in Pashto
Taylor Roberts
Preliminary Notes on Agreement in Itelmen
Jonathan Bobaljik and Susi Wurmbrand
Distributed Morphology: Impoverishment and Fission
Morris Halle
Why n'ho is Pronounced [li] in Barceloní Catalan; Morphological Impoverishment, Merger, Fusion, and Fission
James Harris