MIT Working Papers in Linguistics #25

The Interpretive Tract

ed. U. Sauerland and O. Percus, 1998

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Subject Specificity, Copy Theory, and Extended Mapping Hypothesis
Wei-Tien Dylan Tsai
The Presupposition of Subjunctive Conditionals
Kai van Fintel
Presupposition Denial and the Origins of Antecedents
Orin Percus
Quantification in Agrammatic Aphasia
William Philip and Sergey Avrutin
Negation and Object Shift in Early Child Korean
Judy Yoo-Kyung Baek
Spanish N-Words: Ambivalent Behavior or Ambivalent Nature
Elena Herbarger
Complementation and Interpretation: The Concrete and Imaginative Readings of Visual Perception Verbs
Marie-Claude Boivin
On the Aspectual Properties of English Derived Nominals
William Snyder
Downsizing Infinitives
Susi Wurmbrand
Plurals, Derived Predicates and Reciprocals
Uli Sauerland
Anaphora and Semantic Interpretation: A Reinterpretation of Reinhart's Approach
Irene Heim
Movement and Derived Predicates: Evidence from Parasitic Gaps
Jon Nissenbaum