MIT Working Papers in Linguistics #24

Formal Approaches to Japanese Linguistics: Proceedings of FAJL 1

ed. M. Koizumi and H. Ura, 1994

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Logophoric Use of the Japanese Reflexive Zibun-zusin 'self-self'
Takako Aikuwa
On Association with Focus and Scope of Focus Particles in Japanese
Hiroshi Aoyagi
Mo: Quantificational Evidence for a Non-Quantificational Analysis
Chris Brockett
Syntactic Underspecification: A Minimalist Approach to Light Verbs
Stanley Dubinsky
Stage/lndividual-level Nouns
Yoshio Endo
Negative Polarity and Movement
Yasuhiko Kato
Deriving Paradoxical Flip-flop Change in Ouantificational Force in Japanese
Rurito Kawashima
Scrambling and Relativized L-Relatedness
Akira Kikuchi, Masayuki Oishi and Noriati Yusa
Multiple Specifiers and Long Distance Anaphora
Norimi Kimura
Restricting Ambiguous Rule-Application: A Unified Analysis of Movement
Hisatsugu Kitahara
Nominative Objects: The Role of TP in Japanese
Masatoshi Koizumi
Some Aspects of Temporal Interpretation in Japanese
Akira Natarnara
Null Arguments in Japanese Children's Speech
Minetaru Nahayoma
lmproper Adjunction
Mamoru Saito
Derivational Economy in Long Distance Scrambling
Hiromu Satai