MIT Working Papers in Linguistics #23

Proceedings of the 6th Student Conference in Linguistics (SCIL 6)

ed. C. Giordano and D. Ardron, 1994

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Acquisition of A-chains: Preliminary New Evidence from the Acquisition of Russian Unaccusatives
Maria Babyonyshev, Ronald Fein, Jennifer Ganger, Sergey Avrutin
Strong Onsets and Spanish Fortition
Eric J. Bakovic
Processing, Parameter Setting, and Early Null Subject Production
Carole Tenny Boster
Interpreting Progressives
Karen Leigh Brown
The Interaction of Focus, Phrase Structure and Quantification
Daniel Buring
Clitics and Object Drop in Modern Greek
Alexis Dimitriadis
On Prosodic Government
Gorka Elordieta
Prosodic Constraints in Compounding
Eunjoo Han
Doing the Right Thing
Katharina Hartmann and Daniel Buring
The (In)definiteness of Wh-phrases
Maria-Luisa Jimenez
Aperture Positions and Tensification in Korean
Sechang Lee
Guess So
Luis Lopez
The Discourse Representation of Tense Sequencing in Narratives
Jairo Nunez
Argument Structure Template and Formation of English Deverbal Adjectives
Hiroyuki Oshita
Null Arguments and Referential Shift in American Sign Language
Christine Poulin
Silent Heads of Spanish Nonspecific Free Relatives
Milagrosa Ramos-Santacruz
Hyperraising and the Theory of pro
Hiroyuki Ura
Factivity, Factive Complements, and Wh-Extractions
Spyridoula Varlokosta