MIT Working Papers in Linguistics #21

Papers on Phonology and Morphology

ed. A. Carnie and H. Harley, with T. Bures, 1994

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A Reanalysis of Indonesian Stress
Morris Halle & William Idsardi
Cyclic vs Noncyclic Contraint Evaluation
Michael Kenstowicz
Couples are Stronger than Singles: Unmatched Parenthesis Deletion as Stray Erasure
Masatoshi Koizumi
Syllable Structure and Labial Cooccurrence in Taiwanese
Zhiming Bao
Whence Sonority? Evidence from Epenthesis in Modern Irish
Andrew Carnie
Extending Sloan (1991): Complexity in Syllable Structure
Diana Cresti
On the Structure of the Coda and Voicing Phenomena in Polish
Renate Musan
Are Feature Hierarchies Autosegmental Hierarchies?
Colin Phillips
The OCP, Underspecification and Articulatory Faithfulness
Hubert Truckenbrodt
Some Key Features of Distributed Morphology
Morris Halle & Alec Marantz
Hug a Tree: Deriving the Morphosyntactic Feature Hierarchy
Heidi Harley
The Syntax-Phonology Mapping in Catalan and Spanish Clitics
James Harris
On Matching Syntax-Phonology Mismatches
Wei-tien Dylan Tsai
Serbo-Croatian Second Position Clitic Placement and the Phonology-Syntax Interface
Carson Sch├╝tze