MIT Working Papers in Linguistics #20

Proceedings of the 5th Student Conference in Linguistics (SCIL 5)

ed. V. M. Lindblad and M. Gamon, 1993

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Aspectual Chains and Quasi Arguments
David Adger
The Two Causative haves are the Two Possessive haves
Robert S. Belvin
Emphasis, Negation, and Verb Movement
Dong-In Cho
Events and Quantification
Alexis Dimitriadis
The Nominalization of the Chinese Serial Verb Constructions: Evidence for V to N Raising
Jingqi Fu
On the Evolution of Syllable Structure: Evidence from Romance
Randall Gess
Theories of Feature Co-occurrence: Evidence from the [high]-[round] Relation
Sung-Hoon Hong
Excorporation in Syntax and in LF: the Case of Romance Causatives and Japanese Passives
Hiroto Hoshi
The Semantics of Free Adjuncts: Deriving the Weak/Strong Distinction
Graham Katz
Relativized Minimality and Tense Island as Two Separate Derivational Constraints
Rhanghyeyun K. Lee
The Role of Spec-Head Agreement in Anaphor Identification
Jeffrey Lidz
Plurality, Clitics and Morphological Merger in Caribbean Spanish
Seth A. Minkoff
A Minimalist Approach to Plural Marker Licensing in Korean
Myung-Kwan Park and Keun-Won Sohn
Quantificational Objects and Agr-O
Jeffrey T. Runner
Aleut Uvularization and Feature Geometry
Alice Taff
A'-binding and the bei Construction in Mandarin Chinese
Jen Ting
Another Look at Two-handed Signs in American Sign Language
Linda Uyechi