MIT Working Papers in Linguistics #19

Papers on Case and Agreement II

ed. C. Phillips, 1983

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The Acquisition of Russian Case
Maria Babyonyshev
Ergativity and Ergative Unergatives
Jonathan Bobaljik
Nominal Predicates and Absolutive Case Marking in Irish
Andrew Carnie
Object Shift in Double Object Constructions and the Theory of Case
Chris Collins & Höskuldur Thráinsson
On Nominative Case Assignment and a Few Related Things
Sabine Iatridou
The Licensing of Subjects in Early Child Language
Irene Kramer
LF Case-checking and Minimal Link Condition
Shigeru Miyagawa
Toshifusa Oka
Towards a Minimalist Account of Quirky Case & Licensing in Icelandic
Carson Schütze
L-Relatedness and its Parametric Variation
Hiroyuki Ura