MIT Working Papers in Linguistics #18

Papers on Case and Agreement I

ed. J. D. Bobaljik and C. Phillips, 1993

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Verb Movement and the Quotative Construction in English
Philip Branigan & Chris Collins
Ergative "Splits" and Argument Type
Eloise Jelinek
Symmetry in Labrador Inuttut
Alana Johns
Specs for Subjects: The Role of TP in Icelandic
Dianne Jonas and Jonathan Bobaljik
Object Agreement Phrases and the Split VP Hypothesis
Masatoshi Koizumi
Unergatives that Assign Ergative, Unaccusatives that Assign Accusative
Itziar Laka
Conditions on Agreement in Yimas
Colin Phillips
Visibility, Complement Selection and the Case Requirement of CP
Wei-tien Dylan Tsai
On Feature-Checking for Wh-traces
Hiroyuki Ura
The Notion of Finite Clauses in AGR-Based Case Theory
Akira Watanabe
Verb Movement and Complementizer Agreement
C. Jan-Wouter Zwart