MIT Working Papers in Linguistics #16

Proceedings of the 4th Student Conference in Linguistics (SCIL 4)

ed. A. Kathol and J. Beckman, 1992

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On Word Order in Wh-Questions in Spanish
Arnaiz, A.
Multiple Accusative Constructions and Verb Movement
Cho, D.-I.
A Principles-and-Parameters Approach To Korean Consonant Clusters
Chung, D.
Against a Contextual Definition of Head in Morphology: Evidence From Modern Greek Compounds
Gafos, A.
Complex Predicates and Derived Nominals in Hungarian
Laczkó, T.
Partitive Case on the Body-Part NP
Lee, J.-S.
Quirky Datives in Spanish and the Non-Nominative Subject Parameter
Masullo, P. J.
English Infinitives and Case Theory
Nunes, J. M.
Backwards Anaphor Binding, LF (Experiencer) Causee NP Raising, and Verb Movement in Causative Constructions in Korean
Park, M.-K.
On the Influence of Gutturals on Vowels
Prieto, P.
L2 Learners' Processing of Temporal Clauses in Spanish
Sanz-Alcalá, C. & M. Fernández-García
A Model of Parameters as Interfaces Between Lexicon, UG and Learning Principles (With Some Examples From the Acquisition of Clause Structure in German)
Schmidt, C. M.
Determining the Definiteness of Noun Phrases
Singh, M.
The Distribution of Topic- and Nominative-Marked Phrases in Korean: The Universality of IP Structure
Suh, S.
A Non-NP Analysis of Japanese Predicate Nominals
Takano, H.
A Case for Move X in Salcha Athabaska
Tuttle, S.
An Integrative Model for Bilingual Language Storage
Wilson, H.
Some Remarks on Scope Reconstruction of Subjects
Wold, D.