MIT Working Papers in Linguistics #12

Proceedings of the 2nd Student Conference in Linguistics (SCIL 2)

ed. T. Green and S. Uziel, 1990

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The Thematic Heirarchy and Scope Interpretation in Korean
Ahn, S.-H.
Person Markkers and Patterns of Case Assignment in Nishga
Belvin, R. S.
Movement and Mutation in Modern Irish
Duffield, N.
Towards a Typology of Psych Verbs: Evidence From Spanish
Franco, J.
Thematic Constraints on Subject and Object Compounding
Fu, J.
Half-Relatives' and Syntactic Operator Movement in Japanese
Ishii, Y.
Heads, Arguments and Adjuncts in Derivational Morphology
Law, P.
Exceptional Case Marking in Korean
Lee, E.-J.
Experiencers, Themes and C-command in Albanian
Massey, V. W.
Subject-Aux Inversion, That-T effects and the Specifier Licensing Condition
Plunkett, B.
Adjunction, X-0 Movement and Verbal Government Chains in French Causatives
Reed, L.
Tonal Patterns in Chinese Regulated Verse Phonological Rules Or Phonological Constraints?
San, D.
Against Light Verb Suru in Japanese
Terada, M.
Chain Formation and the Distribution of PRO
vanden Wyngaerd, G.
Binding and the Transference of Phi-Features
Voskuil, J.
An Efficient Representation for Ellipsis
Ristad, E. S.