MIT Working Papers in Linguistics #11

Proceedings of the 1st Student Conference in Linguistics (SCIL 1)

ed. P. Branigan, J. Gaulding, M. Kubo, and K. Murasugi, 1989

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An Analysis of Quantificational Variability in Indirect Questions
Berman, S.
The Middle: Where Semantics and Morphology Meet
Condoravdi, C.
Romance Infinitive Complements of Perception Verbs
Guasti, M. T.
German Syllabification and the Velar Nasal
Hall, T. A.
Subject-Less Governing Categories
Hestvik, A.
Verb Raising in Lebanese Arabic
Hoyt, K. E.
Maltese Vowel Harmony
Kang, H.
Wh-Phrases in Korean and Japanese Are QP's
Kim, S. W.
Configurational Heads in Inflectional Morphology
Laka, I.
Consonant-Vowel Co-Occurence Restrictions in Taiwanese
Lin, Y.-H.
A Structural Locality Condition on Autosegmental Relations
van Lit, J.
Capturing Generalisations With Dependencies in the Lexical Setting of Parameters
Newson, M.
Strengthening in Tswana: Implications for a Theory of Mutation
Rice, C.
The Argument Structure and Phrasal Configuration of Romance Causatives
Rosen, S. T.
Strong Pronouns in Null-Subject Languages and the Avoid Pronoun Principle
Soriano, O. F.
Subject-Auxiliary Inversion in English: Licensing Operators
Toribio, A. J.
Object Shift as an A-movement Rule
vanden Wyngaerd, G.
Derivation of Instrumental Nominals in Turkish
Yukseker, H.