MIT Working Papers in Linguistics #10

Functional Heads and Clause Structure

ed. I. Laka and A. Mahajan, 1989

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Theta-Marking Configurations in "Non-Configurational Languages: Guajara, Yagua and Slave
Alexander, M.
Some Notes on Economy of Derivation and Representation
Chomsky, N.
Generalised Ip Structure, Case and Vs Order
Fassi Fehri, A.
Getting the Dative Alternation
Grimshaw, J.
Predicate Nominals in Complex Predicates
Kearns, K.
Impersonals and Inflection in Polish
Kipka, P. F.
Functional Categories and Syntactic Change
Kornfilt, J.
Wh-Movement in Japanese NP's
Kubo, M.
Constraints on Sentence Negation
Laka, I.
Agreement and Agreement Phrases
Mahajan, A. K.
Unergative-Unaccusative Alternations in Spanish
Torrego, E.