MIT Working Papers in Linguistics #9

The 25th Anniversary of MIT Linguistics

ed. M. A. Browning, E. Czaykowska-Higgins, and E. Ritter, 1987

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On the Vacuousness of Vacuous Operators
Bordelois, I.
Absorption at S-structure
Bouchard, D.
On the Debate Between Putnam and Chomsky
Choe, H. S.
On Thematic Relations
Culicover, P. W.
Internal Reduplication & Template-Driven Linking
Davis, S.
Right Node Raising
Erteschik-Shir, N.
Extraction and Multiple Selection in PP
Larson, R. K.
A Look at English Vowels
Levin, L. S.
Existential Sentences in Swedish: Reference To Thematic Roles
Maling, J.
Parameterized Extension of Binding Theory
Nakamura, M.
Three Forms of English 'Be'
Rothstein, S. D.
'So There!' A Reply To Williams' Analysis of There-Sentences
Safir, K.
Transformational Grammarians and Their Their Ilk
Zwicky, A. M.