MIT Working Papers in Linguistics #8

Papers in Theoretical Linguistics

ed. N. Fukui, T. R. Rapoport, and E. Sagey, 1986

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Pronomina: Some Properties of the Italian Pronominal System
Calabrese, A.
Some Tonal Phenomena of Verbal Elements in Middle Korean and Floating Tones
Choe, H.-S.
Piraha Clitic Doubling and the Parametrization of Nominal Clitics
Everett, D.
Neurological Constraints on Linguistic Theories
Grodzinsky, Y.
Specifiers and Projection
Fukui, N. & M. Speas
On the Ill-Formedness of Crossing Association Lines
Sagey, E.
The Timing of Contour Segments
Sagey, E.
The Topiary Theory of Language: A Review of the Debate Between Quine and Chomsky
Segal, G.
Comparative Superlatives
Szabolsci, A.
Operator Binding and Reconstruction
Szabolsci, A.
On the Topic of Topic
Tenny, C.