MIT Working Papers in Linguistics #6

Papers in Theoretical and Applied Linguistics

ed. D. Archangeli, A. Barss, and R. Sproat, 1985

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Yawelmani Noun Stress: Assignment of Extrametricality
Archangeli, D.
The Acquisition of Trace in Passive
Barss, A.
Linguistics for Ten-Year Olds
Fabb, N.
Notes on Reanalysis
Goodall, G.
A Note on Phrase-Markers
Higginbotham, J.
Some Notes on Subjunctive Clauses and Binding in Icelandic
Johnson, K.
Reduplication in Umpila
Levin, J.
Substitutional Quantification and Semantic Theory
Ludlow, P.
Saturation and Phrase Structure
Speas, M.
A Note on Rebracketing in Morphology
Sproat, R.