MIT Working Papers in Linguistics #5

Papers in Grammatical Theory

ed. I. Haïk and D. Massam, 1983

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Syntactic Conditions on Phonological Rules
Manzini, M. R.
The Morphology of Irish Mutation
Massam, D.
Conjectures on Lexical Domains
Falk, Y.
"Assume Gf" and the Order of Morphemes
Baker, M.
Three Squibs on Auxiliaries
Fabb, N.
Government Relations and the Structure of INFL
Levin, J.
Local Binding and Extraction From NP
Elliott, N.
Remarks on Cliticization in French Causatives
Wehrli, E.
On the Notion "Adjunct Subject" and a Class of Raising Predicates
Zubizarreta, M. L.
On Weak Crossover
Haïk, I.
VSO Languages and Welsh Configurationality
Sproat, R.
Word Order Change and Parameters
Travis, L.