MIT Working Papers in Linguistics #3

Theoretical Issues in the Grammar of Semitic Languages

ed. H. Borer and Y. Aoun, 1981

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A Note on Cyclic Stress in Levantine Arabic
Kenstowicz, M.
Spirantization in Tigrinya
Schein, B.
The Domain of Weak Cross-Over Restrictions
Aoun, Y. & D. Sportiche
Vowel Deletion, Vowel Reduction, and Aramaic Syllable Structure
Rothstein, S. D.
Stress, Pretonic Strengthening, and Syllabification in Tiberian Hebrew
McCarthy, J. J.
On the Phonology of Gutturals in Biblical Hebrew
Rappaport, M.
Comments on the Pro-Drop Phenomena
Borer, H.
Dative Marking of the Affected in Modern Hebrew
Berman, R. A.
Accentuation and Metrical Structure in Tiberian Hebrew
Dresher, B. E.
Epenthesis and Degenerate Syllables in Cairene Arabic
Selkirk, E.
On the Development of the Numeral 'One' as an Indefinite Marker
Givon, T.