MIT Working Papers in Linguistics #1

Papers on Syllable Structure, Metrical Structure, and Harmony Processes

ed. K. Safir, 1979

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Vowel Harmony in Andalusian Spanish
Zubizarreta, M. L.
Warlpiri Vowel Assimilations
Nash, D.
Vowel Harmony in Khalka Mongolian
Steriade, D.
Stress Systems of the World, Unite!
Stowell, T.
Hayes, B.
Ternary Stress Feet in English
Hayes, B.
Metrical Structure in Capanahua
Safir, K.
Menomini Quantity
Pesetsky, D.
Is the Syllable or the Supersyllable a Constituent
Aoun, Y.
Schwa's in Tiberian Hebrew: An Argument for Cyclic Rules of Syllable Structure Modification
Borer, H.
Phonological Markedness and the Sonority Hierarchy
Lekach, A. Farmer
A Note on Resyllabification: In RE Kiparsky 1979
Gray, W.
On Syllabicity
Mohanan, K. P.