MIT Working Papers in Philosophy and Linguistics #1

The Linguistics/Philosophy Interface

ed. R. Bhatt, P. Hawley, M. Hackl, and I. Maitra, 2000

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Chalmers' Two-Dimensional Argument Against Physicalism
Alex Byrne
What Unarticulated Constituents Could Not Be
Lenny Clapp
Conceptualizing the Futurate and the Future
Bridget Copley
On Quantifying over Everything
Iris Einheuser
Inconsistent Languages
Matti Eklund
Donkey Anaphora as NP-Deletion
Paul Elbourne
Context and Discourse
Michael Glanzberg
Optimality Theory and the Problem of Constraint Aggregation
Daniel Harbour and Christian List
What is Said
Patrick Hawley
On Stalnaker's Diagonalization
Miguel Hernando
Quine and Kripke's Wittgenstein
Ólafur Páll Jónsson
Why Knowledge is Unnecessary for Understanding Language
Dean Pettit
Boolos and Plural Predication
Agustín Rayo
Is Any Proposition Expressible by an Unstable Sentence Also Expressible by a Stable Sentence?
Robert Streiffer
Anthropomorphic Bias in Naming
William Turkel
Numbers, Persons, and Indeterminacy of Reference
Gabriel Uzquiano