MIT Working Papers on Endangered and Less Familiar Languages #7

Studies in Salishan

ed. S. T. Bischoff, L. Butler, P. Norquest, and D. Siddiqi, 2006

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Nile R. Thompson and C. Dale Sloat
Unlikely Bedfellows: How Worldview and Pedagogy Can Hinder Language Preservation
Marion Gerda Caldecott
Sťáťimcets Transitive Paradigm Glottal Alternations
Henry Davis
The Status of Condition C in Sťáťimcets
Lisa Matthewson, Hotze Rullmann, and Henry Davis
Modality in Sťáťimcets
Jason Brown and James J. Thompson
Criteria for Tonality: The Case of Upriver Halkomelem
Karsten A. Koch
Nominal Modification in Nɬeʔkepmxcin (Thompson River Salish)
Shannon T. Bischoff
Basic Clause Structure in Coeur d’Alene: A Preliminary Working Paper
John Lyon
An Edition of Snchitsu’umshtsn: Volume II: A Root Dictionary
Justin Fitzpatrick
Sources of Multiple Reduplication in Salish and Beyond