MIT Working Papers on Endangered and Less Familiar Languages #5

Studies in Uto-Aztecan

ed. L. M. Barragan and J. D. Haugen, 2003

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Brian Stubbs
New Cognate Sets Yield New Perspectives for Uto-Aztecan Reconstructions
David Leedom Shaul
Proto-Uto-Aztecan Partials and Opatan
Mizuki Miyashita
Tohono O'odham Consonant Clusters
Colleen M. Fitzgerald
How Prosodically Consistent is Tohono O'odham?
Jason D. Haugen
Allomorphy in Yaqui Reduplication
Heidi Harley and Maria Amarillas
Reduplication Multiplication in Yaqui: Meaning × Form
Luis M. Barragan
Movement and Allomorphy in the Cupeno Verb Construction
Gabriela Caballero Hernandez
Valence and Transitivity Changing Operations in Raramuri
Zarina Estrada Fernandez
Typological Correlations and Middle Voice: The Case of Pima Bajo
Eloise Jelinek
Quantification in Yaqui Possessive Sentences
Kenneth C. Hill
Denominal and Noun-Incorporating Verbs in Hopi
Jane H. Hill
Cupeno Discontinuous Constituents