MIT Working Papers on Endangered and Less Familiar Languages #2

Papers on Australian Languages

ed. R. Pensalfini and N. Richards, 2001

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We came here on different boats: observations on distributivity as marked in two widely separated Australian languages, with thoughts on the number
Barry Alpher
Geminate dissimilation as prosody in Ngalakan
Brett Baker
Some brief remarks on Warlpiri Sign Language
Steven Berbeco
Comparative notes on ergative case systems
Maria Bittner and Ken Hale
Contiguity under infixation: Mangarrayi reduplication
Caroline Jones
Jingulu Focus marking as an instance of contact-induced change
Rob Pensalfini
A typology of nonconfigurationality: with special reference to Jingulu
Rob Pensalfini
Leerdil Yuujmen bana Yanangarr (Old and New Lardil)
Norvin Richards