MIT Occasional Papers in Linguistics #14

The Syntax of Agreement in Romanian

Ioana Stefanescu, 1997

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The Thesis discusses the relation between finite verb movement to the highest functional head in the clausal architecture, e.g. AGR, and the licensing of number and person agreement with subject phrases that are syntactically complex, i.e. partitive phrases, possessive phrases and coordinate NPs. Indirectly, Chapter 2 discusses the syntactic structure of partitive and possessive phrases; Chapter 4 re-opens the discussion and offers a different syntactic solution for the syntactic representation of partitive phrases. Chapter 3 explores the possibilities of AGR, the highest functional head in the clausal architecture, be "split" into functional heads: Number and Person, respectively. The suggestion about a "split" AGR is empirically based on the observation that Romanian has a number exponent different from the person exponents. The chapter contains a detailed analysis of the number and person exponents in the syntactic and analytic temporal forms in Romanian. The last chapter of the thesis discusses two additional types of agreement phenomena: the agreement pattern in equative [a fi] (be) sentences.

Dissertation submitted for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy, The City University of New York.

Adviser: Professor Richard S. Kayne