Lexicon Project Working Papers #1

Lexical Semantics in Review

ed. B. Levin, 1985

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Beth Levin
I. Semantic Role Oriented Approaches
Review of Fillmore's "The Case for Case"
Mark Baker
Review of Gruber's "Look and See" and Jackendoff's "Grammatical Relations and Functional Structure"
Margaret Magnus
II. Predicate Oriented Approaches
Jackendoff's Semantic Theory
Yehuda N. Falk
Review of Chapter 1 of Ostler's Thesis
Jeri Kisala
Review of Shank's "Identification of Conceptualizations Underlying Natural Language"
Richard Sproat
III. Methodological Issues
Carter's Possible Words
Lisa Travis
Review of Joshi's "Factorization of Verbs"
Malka Rappaport
Remarks on Akmajian's "The Complement Structure of Perception Verbs" and Gee's "Comments on the Paper by Akmajian"
Andrew Barss
Review of Wierzbicka's Work
Nigel Fabb
IV. The Structure of Dictionary Entries
Dictionary Entries for Motion Verbs
Mark Baker and Peggy Speas
The Explanatory Combinatorial Dictionary
Margaret Magnus
V. References on Lexical Semantics and the Lexicon