Harvard University Working Papers in Linguistics #13

Harvard Working Papers in Linguistics (2015 #13)

Andreea Nicolae and Gregory Scontras, 2015

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Andreea Nicolae and Gregory Scontras
The Role of the Finnic substratum in the Loss of the Neuter Gender in the Baltic languages
Lena Borise
From Inalienable Possession to Reflexivity: The Development Of Vedic tanú- ‘body’
Laura Grestenberger
Vedic stusé ‘I praise’
Jay Jasanoff
Topic-Subject Asymmetry in Japanese and Korean: Heritage and L2 Speakers
Oksana Laleko and Maria Polinsky
Null Complements and the Nature of Crossover Effects
Brooke Larson
The Progression of Gender from Latin to Romanian
Andreea Nicolae and Gregory Scontras
Do-Support in Malayalam as seen in Verb Coordination
Pooja Paul