University of Connecticut Working Papers in Linguistics #10

Cranberry Linguistics

ed. D. Braze, K. Hiramatsu, and Y. Kudo, 1999

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Beyond Small Children's Small Clauses: Kids, Kayne, and Clause Formation
Cedric Boeckx
Garden Path Sentences and Morphological Frequency Biases
David Braze
Investigation of Word Order Acquisition in Early ASL
Deborah Chen
What Did Move Didn't Delete
Kazuko Hiramatsu
The Acquisition of the Japanese Particle ni: A Case-particle or a Postposition
Kazumi Matsuoka
Researchers and Children: A Choreography for Success
Laura Conway Palumbo
Japanese Passives in Acquisition
Koji Sugisaki
The Status of the Japanese Moraic Consonant Q as a Temporal Cue in Speech Production and Perception
Maki Yamane